According to research, 60% of people felt it was fair to label a tradesman as a ‘rogue trader’ or ‘cowboy.’ Another 20% also revealed that they feared that they would be ripped off when getting work done by a tradesman.

Despite the results from this study though, it is indicated that in reality, many homeowners have positive perceptions of tradespeople as almost three quarters stated that they had long lasting relationships with their tradespeople. They trust them, and would recommend them to friends and family. Therefore, the portrayal of tradesmen should actually be that they are loyal and trustworthy. But for some reason, the stigma’s of being ‘cowboy’s’ is maintained.

81% of tradespeople revealed in the study though that they have worked for free at times. Or, that they’ve taken on extra tasks for no extra charge. Some have fed pets, picked up parcels and lost money to spend time talking to their elderly customers. These are all common acts of kindness from tradesmen across the country. But still, the stigma’s are maintained.

The managing director at AXA Business Insurance, the organisation that conducted the study formed his own conclusions. He felt that: “day in and day out we know tradesmen go above and beyond for their customers – but bad news travels fast and one rogue operator can cause a lot of reputational damage to everyone.”

Do you agree with this though? As tradespeople do you feel you are stigmatised by the bad work of rogue workers? Let us know in the comments below.

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