Apparently, a struggling builder from Luton was found to be at his ‘wit’s end’ when he made £70,000 worth of false tax rebate claims.

These claims began back in December of 2011. It was here, that builder Glenn Kearney made claims worth £9,912, £16,900 and £12,858. This was for three years worth of returns which were paid to the builder. However, a further claim in April 2013, of £36,280 was rejected.

Under investigation, it was found that the builder, under the Construction Industry Scheme, was making false tax claims. He was deducting money from subcontractors payments to pass on to the HMRC. Then, he was able to claim this back in tax rebates.

Defending the builder, Richard Partridge stated: “this was a man, who through a variety of misfortune and burying his head in sand, got himself in massively financially precarious position.”

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Alongside this, Glenn was also using payday loans to stay out of financial trouble. These loans though had an ‘extortionate rate of interest’. Partridge continued: “he got someone who was not an accountant to get him a rebate.”

“£37,000 came in and he paid it back to his contractors and subcontractors.”

“He was a man at his wit’s end who was doing anything to keep afloat, and crossed the line into criminality.”

In consideration of Glenn’s financial situation, the court, therefore, gave him a twelve-month jail sentence, which was then suspended for eighteen months.

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