According to recent reports, thousands of teenagers, that have the talent to excel in vocational courses such as construction, are being failed by the education system. This is apparently due to the ever growing pressure placed upon headteachers to have outstanding exam results in their school.

A survey revealed that in fact, the allocation of funding towards vocational courses, such as construction, has reduced since 2014. This was due to changes in the school systems focusing upon academic exam results instead. However, it was found that almost 75% of secondary school head teachers wanted this to change. Instead, they wanted changes to be made to help those who excel in more practical, and technical areas.

According to the State of Education, more than 75% of schools reported that their students were fearing academic failure as well. One secondary school teacher described: “how do you measure a child’s success? With their academic progress.”

Another head teacher added that the system should, “stop focusing purely on academia and start building a workforce for the future.”

One user agreed. He posted stating: “yes, we are leaving a very large swathe of youngsters (mainly males) to flounder after they’ve left school, and we have a huge gap in skills for the industry.”

“Yet these two problems solve themselves with some joined-up thinking?”

“Why can’t we find a way forward?”

So what do you think of this? Do you agree that vocational courses should be on offer more in schools? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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