Are you tired of losing your phone on site? Having it damaged? Or just downright sick of never getting any signal anywhere?

Well for all you construction workers out there. Your problems might just have been solved! Dewalt have introduced a construction workers dream new smartphone. Christmas present sorted.

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Some of these amazing features could really improve a workers time on site. For example, the phone contains lone worker protection. Within this, there is an alert contacts feature which at the push of a button, can alert your contacts of an emergency. There is also fall detection. Useful for lone workers, improving their safety on site.

Not only this, but the phone is also weather resistant. So whether it’s heavily raining or unbearable heat (unlikely in England), the phone won’t flake out on you. Instead, it is waterproof for up to thirty minutes and can be immersed in up to two metres of water. Therefore you could drop it in a puddle on site and find it half an hour later and you’d still have a fully functioning phone! It can also continue operating in temperatures ranging from -20°C to a whopping 60°C. The -20°C is more probably more likely with this lovely British weather though!

Of course on construction sites though, workers are regularly working from heights. Therefore, Dewalt have ensured that the phone can withstand being dropped two metres, even onto solid concrete! Workers could also come into contact with dangerous machinery and materials. Consequently, the phone has been made resistant to chemical spillages and vibrations.

Now comes to the issue of signal. Workers can sometimes be grafting in quite remote areas with dodgy signal. Well, Dewolt have fixed this problem too. Their dual sim system means that a roaming sim will be able to back up your main network connection. This feature is also a useful way of being able to create some work/life separation. The ability to handle two SIM’s means you can have one for your personal contract, and another for your work contract.

On site though, there isn’t a lot of places you would be able to charge your phone. Not a problem. With the phone, Dewalt have introduced QI charging. Whether you’re at home, on the move or on site, simply place the phone onto a charging pad and bravo, your phone can charge without the inconvenience of connecting/disconnecting cables.

Finally, another feature of the phone is an amplified loudspeaker. Perfecting for blasting those tunes on site. You can even turn your music on still in your gloves as it’s also glove compatible.

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