On the 23rd June 2016, Amy was diagnosed with cancer.

Unfortunately, this fun, bubbly, caring and kind eight year old is now having to go through one of the toughest situations any of us could ever face. Amy has a type of cancer called Ewings sarcoma, which is situated at the base of her spine. This is such a rare form of cancer and only affects thirty five people a year! At the minute though, Amy’s condition is inoperable due to where the cancer is located.

Therefore, Amy needs to go to America for proton beam therapy. This is the only type of treatment for this particular form of cancer. Amy has been receiving chemotherapy at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and was initially scheduled to have proton beam therapy early next year. However, this has now been moved to November this year!

It is vital for Amy to have this treatment so therefore it is incredibly important that enough money is raised. Not only to ensure that Amy arrives and receives the necessary treatment, but to also to provide her parents with one less thing to worry about.

Amy will undergo treatment for 12 weeks. Within this, she will receive daily proton beam treatment alongside chemotherapy.

To help raise these essential funds, a charity football match is being held at Tamworth Football Club. So if you’re a local then please head down to support the cause!image1

Or, please head over to www.justgiving.com now and help Amy and her family through this tough time. Here’s a small message from Amy herself below.