Apparently, the average builder earns £26,000, is called Paul, Andy or Dave and supports Manchester United or West Ham. This sound like you?

Well, according to a survey conducted by manufacturing company Origin, this is the typical builder. The aim of the survey was to find out about the different habits and tastes of British builders. Five hundred tradespeople took part and allowed Origin to draw some conclusions.

One conclusion that was formed from the survey was that the typical builder is likely to have been married for ten years. Alongside this, they’re also likely to have driven 13,624 miles each year due to work.

Of course, with British people, tea is also an important subject. And for builder’s, the average cup of tea was found to have one sugar in it. However, if you’re having a cup of tea, you, of course, need a biscuit to go with it too! And for builders, the typical biscuit of choice was found to be a chocolate digestive. On average, British builder’s would have six cups a day. One in ten also revealed that they even drank ten cups to get through the day!

On average, British builder’s would have around six cups of tea a day. However, one in ten also revealed that they even drank ten cups of tea to get through the day!

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The study also showed that typically, the average builder wakes up at 6:24 am. Then, they are then out the door by 7:20 am. When on site th0ugh, 30% of the builder’s surveyed stated that the most stressful part about working in the construction industry was dealing with the unpredictable British weather.

Alongside this, 19% also felt that dealing with unreliable staff was the most stressful part of their job. And a further 19% blamed their stresses on unreasonable customers as well, with one in six stressed about juggling their finances.

The managing director at Origin stated: “we all know that no two builders are the same but wanted to show just how hard they work and the pressure they are under.”

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“The results show just how much of a shift goes into being a tradesman and the amount they have to juggle over long days.”

“On top of the early starts, many are on their feet for over 10 hours a day carrying out physical activity, worrying about finances, employee retention and customer satisfaction.”

“Builders have to deal with a mixture of worries, all of which take their toll.”

“But most go that extra mile to deliver a project that exceeds the customer’s expectations – we should all be championing UK builders.”

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