Apparently, the Considerate Constructors Scheme has launched a new campaign to encourage sites to help them pinpoint illegal workers on site.

This is in response to a poll that revealed that a third of the industry suspects that current or previous employers have engaged in illegal working. The survey also revealed that a majority of 93% felt that this could be better tackled within the industry too.

Alongside this, 81% also felt that in the past fifteen years, illegal working has been on the rise. The ‘Spotlight on… illegal workers‘ initiative has been introduced to help tackle this problem.

Not only that, but it also aims to increase the knowledge of risks associated with illegal workers too. This is deemed important as the poll also revealed that 61% of workers had rarely, or never, received information regarding this.

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A further 30% of construction workers also felt that due to illegal working, health and safety was put at a greater risk. The chief executive of the Considerate Constructors Scheme stated: “ensuring the legitimacy of the workforce is one of the key challenges facing the construction industry today.”

“The industry must work together to ensure that checks for workers’ legitimacy become firmly entrenched within all construction activity across the UK.”

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“By challenging sites to explore how they currently assess and monitor the legitimacy of their workforce, the Scheme believes that in the not so distant future, all registered sites, companies and suppliers will have robust procedures in place.”

“The Scheme’s ‘Spotlight on… illegal workers’ campaign provides the industry with the ‘go to’ resource to fully understand how it can effectively tackle illegal working, and ultimately help to improve construction’s image and reputation.”

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