The construction industry relies upon technology in many different ways. The equipment, the productivity, and the communication on site are all centred around technology. So what impact does advancements in technology have upon the construction industry?

Well, apparently it is revolutionising it. One way this is being done is through 3D printing. Last year, China successfully built the first ever 3D printed house. To be honest, this house was rather lacking. It didn’t have any plumbing, electrics or a roof. Despite this though, it does provide an insight into how the industry could possibly advance further in the years to come.

Another technological impact is that of drones. Initially, these things were negative pests that invaded people’s privacy. However, within the construction industry they can be extremely useful. This is because it is far safer to fly a drone to assess any damage than it is to send a person. Plus, it’s also a lot cheaper. These drones can also offer new insights into projects too. Not only that, but they can also check for structural integrity and/or damage.Building information modelling software is also commonly used throughout the construction industry. However, this will also apparently advance with technology as it will soon be combined with geographic information systems. This will consequently then ensure that building plans work both within the infrastructural and geographical constraints.

Construction management software is another possible advancement for the industry. This could soon become cloud based and will be able to run and analyse an entire operation. With cloud access as well, this will consequently allow people to access information virtually anywhere. This could be both on site or back in the office. Then, this can apparently lead on to better estimates, more accurate planning and overall smoother projects.

And finally, GPS is another technological advancement that has helped revolutionise the construction industry. GPS is now being used across construction sites to ensure better risk management and inventory. And with tool thefts on the rise, many insurance firms now recommend GPS tracking. This is because tools can then be tracked from the moment they are stolen.

Apparently, all of these things have ultimately revolutionised the construction industry. Whether this be by saving site managers time and money or by reducing the risks to the workers on the ground.

But do you agree though? Do you think these technologies have revolutionised the industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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