The brand new series of BBC1’s ‘The Apprentice’ kicks off tonight

with no fewer than three construction related candidates in the


Lord Sugar will be running the rule over 18 fresh faces all looking

to give 110% and ‘think outside of the box’ at every opportunity.

These include 25 year old plumbing boss Joe Valente from

Peterborough, who on further investigation is the Managing

Director of Impra-Gas Plumbing and Heating, has said ” I am the

definition of success, I’m a godfather of business and I’m here to

make Lord Sugar a lot of money.” Let’s hope that this isn’t just a

pipe dream.



joe valente apprentice



Builder and Royal Navy Veteran Brett Butler-Smythe, 28, claims his

biggest business achievement is starting his own property

development business from scratch claims to be Mr Positive ” I

pride myself on not having any negative or bad traits: they’re all

good, they’re all positive”. let’s hope the Director of Pro Build

South West Limited can remain positive in the boardroom!



brett butler apprentice



Self-styled ‘geezer bird’ Elle Stevenson, 21, from Windsor claims to

be the Operations Director of a Construction company. However, a

cursory search of Director records through Companies House failed

to find a match. She says she enjoys having the power to sack a

worker if they ‘smack her bum’ on site. She also claims ” I hate

anything mediocre – I can’t be middle. I hate being the person that

comes second – I’ve never been the person that comes second. I’d

rather be the one who fell over at the start of the race and never

made it to the finish line”.




elle stevenson apprentice






We’ll be keeping a close eye on how the constructions candidates

fair over the coming weeks.

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