Tool theft is ripping across the construction industry at an alarming rate. Pretty much every tradesperson across the country is likely to have experienced this terrible situation, or know someone who has. Consequently, it has seen a great deal of media coverage and campaigns in order to try and put an end to it. But, like many things, this cannot be done overnight. And, unfortunately, people are still falling victim to this life changing crime.

One tradesman, Eli Parish, decided to share his story about tool theft with us in order to try and help people become more aware as to how easy it is to fall victim to tool theft. He described: “If one guy puts dead locks on his van after reading this, I’ll have achieved what I set out to do.”

For Mr Parish, he feels greatly let down by the manufacturers who built his van. After taking the new Ford Transit Custom for a test drive in September of last year, he decided that the £18,000 price tag associated with the van was worth it. Owning a small developing business, this was the biggest purchase he had made so far. But, unfortunately, after four months of owning the van, Mr Parish came to regret his choice. He claimed: “Ford, you have massively let me down.”

Just this month, in the early hours of the morning, twenty five year old Eli Parish fell victim to tool theft.

Working away, he was parked at a Holiday Inn Carpark in Milton Keynes. It was there, that thieves were able to break into his beloved van and steal all of his expensive tools. Claiming it took the thieves just seconds to get into his van, Mr Parish feels that these vans are not safe enough. Breaking the lock and turning the barrel, the thieves were able to help themselves to five years worth of tools and equipment. All of which were purchased by Eli through his hard work.

Luckily though, the hotel’s security CCTV caught it all. Therefore, Mr Parish contacted Holiday Inn for a copy of the footage. Unfortunately, the tradesman described that over a week on from the incident, the police have still not yet collected this.

He described: “Any tradesman will tell you that the harder you work, the more you’ll earn to purchase more tools.”

“And, therefore, make the job that much easier.”

“It’s absolutely soul destroying.”

“My entire life was in the back of that Transit.”

“Everything I have grafted and saved for was taken so easily.”

Speaking directly to Ford, he stated: “I trusted you’d provided me with a safe and secure van for not only my tools but my livelihood.”

“I was wrong.”

So what do you think of this? Have you been through anything similar yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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