We all know that when it comes to driving, DVLA have to be made aware of any medical conditions you have. But, did you know that this also includes hay-fever?

For some, this is annoying side effect of good weather and consequently a high pollen count. Luckily, we don’t get it very much over here in Britain. But, as this hot weather continues, hay-fever sufferers are likely still having to deal with the snotty noses and running eyes.

So, we take medication for it.

The endless sneezing, the scratchy throats, the symptoms of hay-fever are pretty well known. And, antihistamines are a common over the counter medicine to help alleviate this. However, those that take these tablets and drive could actually be breaking the law.

This is due to the drowsy side affect that many antihistamines have. Therefore, this makes it dangerous for anyone taking these tablets to get into a car and drive. In fact, drivers who do this could face a whopping £1,000 fine. This is because in the eyes of the DVLA this is a medical condition, which you have not disclosed.

And, if you’re in an accident, and found to have taken an antihistamine, you could be prosecuted!

But, for tradesmen, what can you do if you have hay-fever? You can’t suffer with a runny nose and streaming eyes when you’re travelling from site to site. And, working outside, it’s just going to get worse and worse. So, what alternative steps can you take to help combat hay-fever?

1. Shower at night instead of morning.
During the day, pollen particles will stick everywhere. In your hair, on your clothes and on your skin. So, when you get into bed, these particles then go on to stick to your bed sheets, blankets, etc. And, eventually, you’re surrounded by pollen 24/7. So, by showering before bed, you can wash off any leftover pollen and hopefully have a peaceful night’s rest.

2. What foods are you eating?
The foods you eat can actually also impact you hay-fever. By eating more plant based foods, you could find your symptoms reduced. This is because specific foods can contain anti-inflammatory or anti-histamine properties, battling against your hay-fever.

3. Put Vaseline under your nose.
A strange trick, but an effective one as this can help trap any pollen particles before they enter your nose.

4. Cut out alcohol.
WHAT?! I know! But, this can actually help your hay-fever symptoms as drinking alcohol can make them worse. For example, drinks such as red wine contain histamines. So, by drinking this you’re actually just topping yourself up more.

5. Sunglasses.
With the sun we’ve been having, it’s probably not unusual that many of you have been wearing sunglasses anyway. But, they can help with your hay-fever too as they help keep the pollen out of your eyes.

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So what do you think of this? Do you know a hay-fever sufferer who should know this? Let them know in the comments below.

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Source: www.stokesentinel.co.uk

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