No one likes Monday. Having to get up early and head to site after a great weekend. It sucks. But, for this guy, his Monday rage takes things to a whole new level.

First up, the tradesman’s day doesn’t start off well. Instead, 5 minutes into his shift, he was hit with the first thing to annoy him. Picking up his toolbox, the lid detaches and his stuff goes everywhere. Brilliant. What a great start to the day.

And, unfortunately for this guy, things just get worse.

Working in one of the upstairs rooms, the tradesman is filmed by one of his workmates who is trying to get a shot of him kicking off again. Oh and he certainly gets it. Trying to get his sander to work, the tradesman soon becomes very angry telling his giggling workmates to “p*ss off”.

Going to the wall to check the connection there, the sander then flies across the room and the worker is left even angrier than he started!

And, his bad luck continues. Bashing into stuff that’s all over the place, the tradesman is getting angrier and angrier as the video goes on. That is, until, it all builds up into a disastrous finale. Slamming his hard hat down in anger, a crash can be heard as the table gives way underneath the dust sheet. Whoops! Think it might have been glass…

Take a look at the video for yourself here:

Created in conjunction with insurance company Simply Business, this video was made to highlight the importance of being insured. Gaining over 1.2 million views, this video was also a huge success with our viewers gaining over 2,500 shares! Part of a three-pronged campaign, this was video was number two of three for Simply Business. Take a look at their first instalment here.

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