The compilation. An art form that provides you with the best bits of a video in a short space of time. On the Facebook page, we feature a lot of compilations. And you lot seem to love them! So take a look at our top three compilations. Ever!

3. A deserving compilation for third place. This compilation made people wince and laugh at the same time. And ask “why an earth would somebody do that?” This was a popular one amongst you lot gaining almost four million views. Take a look:

2. Another compilation full of the pain of others and laughs for the rest of you. Looks like you lot like seeing people get hurt. Another very successful compilation, this one gained over twelve and a half million views and superbly demonstrated why women live longer than men! Take a look:


1. Everyones favourite compilation. Again full of the pain of others. (I think there’s a running theme here). This one gained a whopping 25,548,722 views! It’s our best compilation of hard hat challenges! Take a look:

Do you love a good compilation? Or do you prefer one of our other videos? Let us know in the comments below.