It’s another bank holiday! Seriously though, how many do we have here in the UK? It feels like there’s a bank holiday every couple of weeks!

Well, whatever that answer is to that, one thing is for sure, a bank holiday weekend means some bank holiday DIY. But, what are the most common DIY jobs that homeowners end up abandoning? And, well, leaving for you lot to fix?

According to research by Which, it is in fact the plumbing jobs that are most often abandoned by homeowners. In fact, 55% of tradespeople stated that they had been called out to help with bodged DIY plumbing jobs.

Take a look at some of the top plumbing fails here.

Following that was electrical work with 32% and white goods installation at 28%. In fourth and fifth place was tiling (25%) and carpentry (13%).

Moving away from the trades though and the funny fails, DIY can also go seriously wrong for some homeowners. 27% of tradespeople revealed that they had to occasionally go in and fix a job where the homeowner had got themselves into a dangerous situation. 21% even stated that this happens quite often for them. And 5% stated that it nearly always happened!

In fact, warnings have been issued to homeowners over the years about the true danger some DIY jobs pose. Especially when it comes to electrical work! According to statistics, a whopping two hundred thousand people are injured every single year due to DIY. And, for some, their attempt at being a tradie can have deadly consequences.

Therefore, Electrical Safety First issued a campaign to show homeowners how dangerous DIY can actually be. Take a look at this here.

But what do you lot think of this? How many DIY jobs will you be returning to after this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


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