Tradespeople have to deal with all sorts of homeowners in their time. From the rude to the generous, it’s not surprising that at some point, they haven’t got on with all of them. But, recent research has found some of the top reasons why customers and tradespeople may not always get on.

So, homeowners take note! And tradespeople, you probably already know the score…

1. At number one was the infamous term “mates rates”. At the end of the day, what a tradesperson charges is not just dependent on materials, etc but also the cost of a good finish. Quality above quantity at all costs. And, for a good quality tradesman who is going to do a good job, you will end up paying a bit more. But, it’s worth it in the long run!

Plus, this fee that is being charged is not just for materials but also labour costs too. You wouldn’t expect a surgeon to not get paid for the work they do would you? Well, the same applies here. Tradespeople need to earn money in order to pay the bills and put food on the table.

2. Another common reason customers and tradespeople don’t get on is due to homeowners being “unwelcoming”. Things such as not being allowed to use the toilet or have a cup of tea. If anything, these things are actually going to be detrimental to a homeowner. If tradespeople can’t use the bathroom or get a drink, that just means they’ll have to travel to find these amenities. This means less time on the job and more money coming out of the customer’s pocket because the job is taking longer.

The whole using the loo debate has come under real scrutiny recently though with one woman claiming she was outraged to find that a tradesperson had used her friend’s toilet whilst working on the home. She soon faced a lot of backlash though with people sharing their opinions on the matter. Take a look at the full report on this here.

3. Timescales. Needing a tradesperson quickly in an emergency is common. But, if a homeowner is demanding for a tradesperson immediately due to their lack of forward planning, this can cause issues between the parties. If a tradesperson is good at their job and does high quality work, then the likelihood is that you’ll have to wait a bit before they have space for further work.

This comes back to quality over quantity again. A bit of extra forward planning could mean that customers get the work they want done properly, to the best standard, and can save them money in the long run.

4. Claiming to be the expert. “Well my friend’s a builder and my dad went on a plastering course back when he was 16 so I’ll have to check this with him.”

Your friend may be a builder, or your dad may have taken a course back in 1956 but at the end of the day, the professional you have hired is an expert. Of course, if you’ve hired a cowboy then it’s understandable to be concerned about work that you don’t think is quite right.

But, if you’ve done your research and your tradesperson has a good reputation, then trying to be an expert in what they do for a living can definitely cause some tension. Take a look at some of the top ways homeowners find their tradespeople here.

5. Cost. It all comes back round to the cost once again. The dreaded phrase: “Oh, while your here could you just…”

Of course, everyone wants to save money where they can. But, it’s recognising where the line is, and making sure you’re not taking the p*ss. If your tradesperson is finishing ahead of schedule, don’t presume they can do extra work for free. Instead, communicate with them to see what the costs would be for some extra work.

You never know, they could end up doing it for you as a favour!

So what do you lot think? Are these the main reasons you haven’t got on with homeowners in the past? Or have we missed any out? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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