According to new research, Liverpool is the best place to be a tradesperson. Specifically, researchers analysed the wages of a variety of different trades along with course ratings in the area, living costs and the number of tradespeople already there.

And, Sanctuary Bathrooms, who completed the study, found that the best opportunities are up North. In fact, seven out of ten of the top ten cities were actually above the Watford Gap. The top ten were as follows…

1. Liverpool
2. Newcastle
3. Glasgow
4. London
5. Birmingham
6. Leeds
7. Nottingham
8. Cardiff
9. Manchester
10. Bristol

What else did the rankings reveal?

Alongside this, the results also found that Leeds had the highest number of tradespeople. In fact, those in the trade made up 10.3% of the city’s working population. So, if you’re living in Leeds you’ll be competing against a lot more other trades compared to if you were living in Bristol.

Alongside this, it was also found that out of all of the cities, London had the best college course. Specifically, this was at University College London where their building degree is rated 99.2 out of 100. So, if top quality training is what you’re looking for then London is the place to be!

When it comes to wages though, Glasgow is the best city for how much they pay their tradespeople. But with the cost of living too, Liverpool still comes out on top!

But what do you think of this? Where do you think is the best place to be a tradesperson? Let us know in the comments below.


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