Within the construction industry, there are many different sites and apps for customers to look at the quality of the tradespeople they want to hire. Understandably, they want the best man for the job. But what about when it comes to customers? For tradespeople, jobs can be a nightmare, all because of their clients.

Therefore, we decided to team up with Scruffs Workwear to take a look at what annoys tradespeople most about their customers. And they for sure had a lot of things to say about it!

10. Pets. Several tradespeople mainly had an issue with pets, specifically, more than anything, cats! When customers let their pets roam free whilst work is going on, this can only cause more harm than good. Cat hairs going into the paintwork, pawprints splattered everywhere, and them simply getting in your way. It can be a nightmare! Plus, being around the job can’t be good for the pets either!

This little dog loves watching tradesmen work!

9. Asking how much things will cost before seeing the work. Now, this one boiled tradespeople’s blood. They can’t provide an accurate estimate before seeing the work! They can’t weigh up the extent of work, the materials and the time it will take all over the phone.

Scruffs added: “This is bonkers!”

“As much as we would all love to be psychics, knowing the pricing of materials, understanding the workspace we would be dealing with etc – how is an accurate estimate possible?”

8. Everything. Many tradespeople stated that there were too many things that annoyed them. And instead, simply everything they did was annoying! So it is best to stay away and let the trade work away without pestering them!

7. Asking for changes after they’ve finished the work. This annoyed tradespeople a lot, especially when the changes were asked for after the work was completed. All that hard work and effort that went in, made pointless by a last minute change. Frustrating!

6. Trying to get a cheaper deal. This was really annoying for workers, especially when a price had already been agreed. One tradesman described that the worst was when customers ask for a breakdown of materials halfway through the project to try and save some money by getting the parts themselves. Erm no!

5. Paying with a cheque. Tradespeople stated that this was one of the top annoying things customers can do. Some trades even stated that they wished they could simply turn around and say to a customer: “what’s a cheque?” For tradespeople, cheques simply aren’t worth the hassle. A trip down to the bank to cash it in, then waiting for it to clear, what’s wrong with a good old bank transfer eh?

4. Not being offered any refreshments. Falling just short of the number three spot, this was also a big one for tradespeople. They found it incredibly annoying when customers would simply ignore their need for a cup of tea or even a glass of water. Of course, the odd bacon butty or a cheeky sandwich every now and then wouldn’t go amiss either!

One thing worse than not being offered anything at all is getting handed a tea that looks like this!

3. Commenting on work before it’s finished. At third place, this was one that came up a lot with tradespeople claiming that they couldn’t stand it when customers commented on their work before it was finished. Especially when they would provide pointers or compare it to someone else. Speaking those annoying words: “Well, I would have been able to easily do the job myself but I simply just don’t have the time!”

2. Watching you whilst you work. Coming in at second place, tradespeople claimed that the ‘watchers’ were the worst. Looking over their shoulder and watching them work, even throwing the odd comment in every now and then, it annoys tradespeople beyond compare.

The watchers in their natural habitat!

1. Asking for favours for free. This grinds tradespeople’s gears the most exclaiming that this is the most annoying thing a customer could do! Hearing those dreaded words: “whilst you’re here, you couldn’t just…” No! Customers take note, saying these words really makes a tradesperson’s blood boil. By all means, they will consider add-ons, but don’t expect them for free!

Customers, take note:
– Keep out of the way (this includes your pets!)
– Don’t ask questions.
– Learn how to make the perfect brew!

So what do you think of this? Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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