Studies are regularly conducted taking a look at the habits and nature of tradespeople across the country. In fact, workers in the construction industry have been found to be the healthiest workers, that they love their job, and are annoyed when customers offer “advice” on a job.

But, what is it like to really work on site? With different trades in and out all day, are there particular things that really annoy tradespeople?

Well, we decided to team up with Scruffs Workwear and find out. We asked tradespeople across the UK what was the most annoying thing about the other trades. And it’s safe to say, we got more than a few responses!

10. A bit of an obscure one to start with, but listening to Radio 2 was found to be in the top ten annoying traits of the other trades. One worker described: “I like to swap channels when they go to the van or something. Then see how long it takes them to work it out.”

9. Walking over newly laid tiles. This is also incredibly annoying for tradespeople, especially the floor layers. One worker even branded the trades that do this as “idiots”!

8. Ignoring the on-site hazards and health and safety. This was extremely annoying for workers too as not only are the workers responsible putting themselves at risk, but also others around them too. Whether it’s working irresponsibly at heights or wearing the wrong gear, other workers end up being put at risk. Of course, that’s annoying! Scruffs described: “it’s not surprising that the trades are annoyed by this.”

“Making sure you’re kept safe on site should be a top priority.”

“Wearing the right work boots and PPE for the job can go a long way.”

“Take a look at our full range at to help ensure you’re as protected as possible.”

Think this guy might be breaking a few health and safety rules…

7. When trades come onto a job and ask to use your tools and fittings. This was a big one for workers, especially if they’re annoying them in other ways too such as leaving a mess everywhere and lacking respect.

6. Blaming the other trades. This was found to be annoying for tradespeople across the UK. Specifically, it was found to be most annoying when workers used the blaming of other trades as an excuse not to do their job or to leave early!

5. Getting called into a job too early was also very annoying for trades. This was found to be especially annoying when they were told by another trade that something was ready. Then, when they arrived on site, they found that this was not the case and work clearly still needed to be done before they could make a start themselves.

4. Leaving jobs/mess for other trades to sort out was also found to be really annoying. Issues such as plastering over sockets and leaving wires in the way certainly left a lot of tradesmen feeling very frustrated.

Think there might have been a switch there once…

3. Getting into the top three, tradesmen revealed that one of the most annoying things is when a trade doesn’t have any respect for the other trades on site. Workers recalled that they couldn’t stand it when tradespeople thought they were better and superior to the other trades on site. Taking over a job without thinking of the others involved and getting in their way was definitely a bugbear for these tradespeople. Especially when they take all the credit after as well!

2. In second place, and one of the biggest bugbears revealed by tradesmen is when workers don’t clean up after themselves. For tradespeople, this is one of the most annoying things about the other trades, especially if they’d left the site spotless beforehand. There’s nothing worse than coming in the next day and seeing the entire place a mess. Specifically, the trade culprit mentioned the most for this was electricians.

No one can stand a mess on site!

1. However, the number one most annoying thing about other trades was simply the fact that they were in a different trade. Brandishing decorators as the “glory boys” and that architects don’t know anything, it looks like most tradespeople could find at least one thing that annoys them about each and every trade.

So what do you think of these findings? What do you find the most annoying thing about other trades? Let us know in the comments below.

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