The construction site is known for some of the very best bury builders, on site pranks and torturing the health and safety officer. However, one thing that tends to be apparent on site though are fails. Typically, from the apprentice. So, we decided to put together some of the best fails we’ve seen on site!

10. Bit stuck there mate?

9. Maybe shouldn’t have taken a job up high if you’re scared of heights…

8. Apprentice catching sawdust 😂

7. Ouch kid. No one is this stupid? Surely?

6. ‘Tightening’ with a ratchet…

5. Wetting the road… When it’s raining…

4. Blow-starting… That’s a new one!

3. This painter’s having a right mare 😂

2. Full-time tradesmen, part time gymnasts! 😂

1. Well, we could all see that coming… 😂

So what do you think of these? What’s your favourite fail? Let us know in the comments below.

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