The van. What tradesperson can live without one? Getting too and from sites and travelling across the country, a tradesperson’s van is invaluable. But, could you be under utilising yours?

It could actually be your most valuable piece of marketing!

An easy way to gain exposure, whilst you’re travelling around to different sites you could also be advertising your business from the comfort of your seat. But what is important when advertising with your van?

1. First up is safe driving. Now, this one might sound strange, surely driving safely has got nothing to do with advertising your business? Well, actually, driving safely and considerately shows any prospective clients that you’re responsible.

2. Cleanliness. Now, unless Ruddy Muddy is on the case, no one likes the look of a dirty van. Of course, when on site you’re pretty much guaranteed for your van to get a bit grubby. But, when you can, give it a quick clean to try and convey the clean nature of your business.

Ruddy Muddy’s incredible work!

3. Novelties. If you can, funny things such as a novelty personalised number plates would be a great way to advertise your business and would be memorable for those passing by.

4. Paintwork. Clean paintwork and filling your van’s free space with advertising could be great for business. Whilst making it look fresh and more attractive, having your company branding and contact details on your van could go a long way to finding new customers. Even if it’s parked on your drive!

5. The interior. Keep the inside of your van as tidy as possible so if anyone glances in, they get a good image of your company/business. Of course, just like the outside, keeping the inside clean and tidy isn’t always possible. Especially if you have to eat on the go and are travelling a lot. But, when you get the chance, it might be a good idea to just give it a quick clear out. No one wants to see leftover takeaway boxes all over the seats.

Maybe don’t let it get to this state…

But what do you lot think of this? Do you use your van to advertise? Does it work well? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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