The painter really messes up on this one!

Working on what appears to be a residential property, the video showcases the tradesman literally painting himself into a corner. To this, the cameraman asks, “what you doing?”

“You don’t need to paint the floor!”

Annoyed at doing work he didn’t need to, this was the least of the painter’s worries as the cameraman added that he was now, in fact, stuck too! Disagreeing, the tradesman tried the doors which he unfortunately found were locked.

Assessing the room, there was only one thing for it… climb across the shelves!

Propping himself up, the painter tried to shuffle along the shelves that were holding the owner’s possessions. And, to be fair to him, he gets pretty far until… well… I suppose you can all guess what happens.

He falls. And oh no, it’s not just him that falls on the wet paint. Instead, he takes the shelves down with him, and all the owner’s possessions smash on the ground. Whoops!

Someone’s going to be angry!

Take a look at the video for yourself here:

Created in conjunction with insurance company Simply Business, this video was made to highlight the importance of being insured. Gaining almost 1 million views, this video was also a huge success with our viewers gaining over 5,500 shares! Part of a three-pronged campaign, this was video was number three for Simply Business. Take a look at their first and second instalment.

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