One angry tradesman is claiming that he is prepared to go to prison instead of paying an eighty-five-pound parking ticket that he has been issued.

Fifty-year-old Neil Clayton described that he made a simple mistake when entering his registration into the parking machine. He thinks this is where he possibly made an error and entered the wrong registration.

Due to this mistake though, Mr. Clayton has consequently been issued a parking fine. However, he claims that he will not be handing over the money. Even if that means he faces jail time!

The incident occurred at Lockyers Quay’s Harbour Car Park. There, Mr. Clayton paid £4.50 to park whilst he ate at a nearby restaurant. Unfortunately, he entered the wrong registration and was soon issued a fine.

After receiving this, the tradesman filed a complaint. However, despite the fine being dropped to £20, Mr. Clayton was told that he “failed to make a valid payment” and consequently he would need to pay the fine.

Mr Clayton stated: “I told them I will see them in court.”

“They can send me to jail if they want.”

“I am self-employed so I don’t mind taking a week off.”

He added: “I got into the car park, put my money in the machine, pressed the green button and took the ticket without checking it.”

“I don’t care if it was Santa Claus’s number plate.”

“It shouldn’t matter.”

“I paid their fee.”

Britania Parking, who issued the parking notice though, responded that the £20 being ordered to be paid is to “cover the costs” of the ticket being issued.

Mr Clayton isn’t the only tradesman battling parking fines either. A decorator was recently fined thousands this year for parking his van at his own home. Take a look at his response to the fines here.

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