A tradesman has recently been caught with a stolen power tool in his possession which he claims was sold to him for a price that was “too good to be true”.

A court heard that the Irish tradesman in question, Daniel Gallagher, agreed to buy the wacker plate for just €200 (around £178). He claimed, that this was an offer he “couldn’t turn down”.

He described that he was only in the area for a short time. And, added that he was “not entirely familiar with where he was”. However, his trip was shortlived when he was soon greeted by a member of the Irish police force.

When confronted about his crimes though, the self-employed worker was very upfront about what he was doing. In fact, he admitted that he had been given a phone number and told that he could “get certain tools” there.

But, in cashing in on a deal that was “too good to be true”, Mr Gallagher found himself in court where he pleaded guilty to being in possession of stolen property. The case was adjourned by the judge who stated that the tradesman would be charged with his crime under the Probation Act. However, this was only if the worker made a €500 donation to charity.

But, with tradespeople pushing for tougher sentencing on tool thieves, should the same go for those purchasing stolen tools?

Recent campaigns have been launched to try and encourage these tougher sentences for thieves. And, petitions have been signed by tradespeople across the country. Ideally, the aim is to get these signed petitions into Parliament. Read all about that here. However, many have commented that alongside this, there should also be tougher consequences for those who buy stolen tools.

But what do you think of this? Do you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: www.herald.ie

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