Hardworking tradesman Oliver Smith has recently had his dream home stripped away from him, purely because of his job.

This was the home that he planned on beginning a family in and had worked hard to save up the deposit necessary for the £313,000 house. However, this saving was all in vain as after checking the small print, Oliver found that he could no longer live there. This was because of his work van. Contained within the small print, was a ban on commercial vehicles. They could not be parked on the property, between any of the houses, or on the estate road. Therefore, Oliver realised he would have been unable to park his Ford Transit anywhere on the estate.

It wasn’t until Oliver had saved his £100,000 deposit and selected his plot though that he was made aware of this clause. He felt that the entire thing was a “complete joke.”

He continued: “As a tradesman I’m good enough to build the house but not good enough to buy it or live in it.”

“It’s upsetting and it feels like they are being very snobbish about hard-working tradespeople.”

“This was my dream house. Me and my wife were desperate to buy it so we can start a family.”

“But banning my van means it’s not possible for me to buy.”

“This van is my office, it comes home with me every night.”

According to the housing company though, the aim was to not segregate those in skilled trades. But instead, the clause is there to “protect the amenity of the area for other residents.”

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Source: www.thesun.co.uk

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