This twenty six year old tradesman did what only most of us dream of. He sold his house and his business, jumped on a plane and left his site life for a travelling adventure!

Andy Barton ran a successful building maintenance business in his home town of Eastbourne. Being in the building trade for over nine years, the tradesman described that he loved pretty much every aspect of it (aside from the decorating). And, three years ago, he, with his partner Becky, took the plunge and brought their first home together.

But, despite the happiness they got from all of this, Andy and his partner Becky would spend their working lives saving up all of their money for a yearly holiday. And that was not how they wanted to spend their lives!

Despite considering travelling over the past few years, the couple had never seriously considered it. What would they do with the house? And the cats?! That was, until last year, when something happened that spurred Andy on to make this dream a reality. His dad had a heart attack.

A hereditary condition for the men in his family, the possibility of Andy also having a heart attack was high. In fact, the likelihood was that he would probably have one by the age of 55. Just like his father did, and his father before that. Andy described that he was, pretty much working himself into the grave.

And, after their trip to Thailand, a hunger was ignited and they wanted to make a change. So, they decided to sell everything, quit their jobs and travel the world!

Tradesman Andy and his partner Becky decided to sell their home and leave their life in Eastbourne for one of travelling the world!

Andy described: “Life is too short.”

“I’m determined to at least give my big dream a go for the sake of not regretting it later.”

“I’m constantly seeing posts from older tradies saying ‘don’t waste your life chasing invoices lads, there’s more to it than filling your bank’.”

“I’ve now realised they’re bloody right.”

But, Andy isn’t just spending his time snorkelling and sunning himself whilst on his travels though (although I’m sure they’ll be some of that too). Instead, he and Becky are running their very own travel blog to keep everyone up to date on their travels and discuss a variety of different issues.

Within his first vlog, Andy discusses the issues of mental health. After his dad’s heart attack, Andy struggled to see his old man battle with his mental health. So, the tradesman is encouraging people to speak out about this. Check out his first vlog of many here:

Andy continued: “For us, we need to see if there’s more out there other than our small town for the rest of our lives, doing the daily grind of eat, sleep, work, repeat.”

“Waking up every morning thinking to yourself ‘fuck this’, isn’t what we want to keep doing.”

“At least not without giving this so called “pipe dream’ a go.”

“Whether we’re home in a year or we make a bloody good success of this travel blog, we’ll be happy we left the ‘Normbehind‘ and gave it a good go.”

“I really want to inspire other tradies that if they think about doing something different with their lives, whether it be a different trade, travelling the world and blogging about it (like my dream) or training to be an accountant, the only thing stopping them is themselves.”

“I’m not saying everyone should quit and do something else with their life, just the people who genuinely wake up and think about changing what they do.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Andy’s adventure. And let us know what you think of this in the comments below. Have you ever thought of doing anything like this? Let us know.

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