Recently, a tradesman has been captured by his work mates in a rather tricky spot.

The video starts with the camera man calling to his workmate asking if he’s okay. At this point all we can see is a gap in the flooring. However, soon movement is seen through the gap and it becomes clear that there is a worker stuck beneath the surface.

A fellow workmate tries to pull the tradesman out of the gap and eventually his upper half is freed. The worker doesn’t appear distressed though. Instead, he joins in with the laughter from his work mates.

One worker then warns the tradesman to “get ready” before reaching under his arms and attempting to pull him out of the gap. The worker appears out of breath at this point in his struggle to get free. As the workers begin to pull again though, they soon realise that his belt is the issue. One worker recommends: “take your belt off. Take your trousers off.”

However, this also doesn’t work as the tradesman claims, “my knees stuck here” and points towards the block. To this, the tradesman then gains a chorus of laughter from his work mates.

After more attempts to pull the worker out though, the stuck tradesman eventually gives up  stating: “this ain’t working.”

“Just leave me here, I’m f*cked.”

“I knew this was a f*cking bad idea.”

The video ends like this though making everyone wonder, how did he get out? Take a look at the full footage here:

So what do you think of this? Have you ever got yourself into a similar position?Let us know in the comments below.

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