Could you imagine working on site and finding almost a million pounds? A dream right? Well, these tradesmen did exactly that!

Whilst working on a job, three tradesmen were filmed by their workmate as they discovered a safe. Trying to crack into it wasn’t the easiest of tasks though. First up they tried a sledgehammer. And, no matter how hard they hit it, the safe barely made a dent.

Next, they tried a drill. And, similar to the sledgehammer, achieved nothing with this method. Apparently, he was trembling with too much excitement to hold the drill still! Right… Failing that though, they then moved on to the blow torch. I don’t know what they were trying to achieve here but the resounding result was a big fat nothing. No matter how many times they said it was doing something.

And, finally, they pulled the big guns out and started to drill through the top of the safe. Finally cracking through the metal, they were able to get a crowbar in there and pry open a gap.

Reaching in, their findings didn’t seem too exciting at first as the workers pulled out documents and a hat that could only belong to Del Boy. But, this soon changed as they began to pull out cash that was hidden under all the documents. Celebrating their joy, they couldn’t believe their luck.

And, they were about to get a whole host happier!

Reaching back into the safe, the worker pulled out not one, not two but three, gold bars! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video for yourself:

Unfortunately though, the actors in this video didn’t quite find all that money. Instead, they uncovered a bunch of props. Created in conjunction with Studio Canal, this video was produced to help promote the upcoming film King of Thieves. Sorry guys!

An incredible piece of brand awareness though, there was loads of debate in the comments over whether it was legit or not. Racking up 3.5 million views and counting, thousands of people were loving this video, sharing it and tagging their mates. Belter!

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