According to new research, tradespeople are the most ambitious workers in the country!

Following the study, it was found that out of all the trades, plumbers, electricians and carpenters were the most ambitious. In fact, most tradespeople within the industry were found to want to work for themselves, or own their own business by the age of twenty.

The poll was made up of 4,852 British workers. Of these, all of the respondents were newly qualified, aged over eighteen and also worked full time. They were then asked: “At what age, if ever, do you plan to work for yourself or have your own business?”

And, at the top of the list, was construction workers. The average age of tradespeople wanting to work for themselves was twenty. And, just 19% of respondents stated that they didn’t want to work for themselves or own their own business.

Following this was workers in the beauty and grooming sectors. For them, they aimed to have their own business, or work for themselves, by the age of twenty four.

The full list of results was as follows:

1. Construction & Trades (20 years old) – 19% stated never.
2. Beauty & Grooming (24 years old) – 27% stated never.
3. Sales & Retail (30 years old) – 62% stated never.
4. Media & Marketing (35 years old) – 44% stated never.
5. Financial & Legal (43 years old) – 59% stated never.
6. Medical & Academic (50 years old) – 78% stated never.

Following this, workers were then asked what they expected their annual income would be by the time they were ready to retire. To this, those in finance and law expected to earn the most. On average, they anticipated that they would earn around £85,000 a year.

But, construction workers were found to expect retirement to come much earlier. In fact, on average, they expected to retire by the age of forty five!

MyJobQoute’s Lisa Evans shared her thoughts on the study. She described: “When we start off in our chosen careers, we often have very high expectations of where that path will lead us.”

“And that’s no bad thing!”

“These ambitions can propel us forward and ensure that we work hard, make a name for ourselves and build our reputation in our chosen industry, helping to lay a foundation for success in the future.”

“Whether we really do end up earning £85k or retiring at 45 remains to be seen.”

“But, with the right passion, energy and attitude we’ve got the best chance of getting where we want to!”

And, construction workers aren’t just ambitious either! In fact, tradespeople were also found to be the happiest workers too. Take a look at the full report here.

They were found to be pretty dedicated too! Alternate research also found that 90% of construction workers go to work whilst ill or injured! Take a look at the reasons behind this here.

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