According to recent research of tradespeople in the North West, it was found that workers are challenging the stereotypes that many associate with the industry. It was found that, in fact, tradespeople loved eating their five a day, keeping fit and literature.

However, not all of the stereotypes have been ditched. The new study did find that tradespeople do tend to still enjoy the odd cuppa and bacon butty every now and then.

The research did find though that almost half of tradespeople felt that the biggest misconception about them, was that they were unreliable. A fifth also found that they were stereotyped to be sexist too.

Challenging some of these misconceptions, it was found that most tradespeople don’t conform to the stereotype of having an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead, more than two-thirds revealed that they go to the gym at least once a week. Alongside this, a further 37% also added that they try and make sure to eat their five a day.

The stereotype of tradesmen loving fry-ups and pies was also challenged within the research. Instead, it was found that most tradesmen eat these foods just once a week, at the most.

One stereotype that still looked to be making an appearance though was the enjoying of a cup of tea. Drinking tea is a token part of being British right, who doesn’t love a daily cuppa? Well, it was found that tradespeople in the North West were certainly no strangers to a quality hot drink. The results revealed that weekly, on average, a worker would drink fifteen cups of tea and thirteen cups of coffee.

It’s not just stereotypes about food and drink though that the trades are ditching. The misconception that their only interests are in sports, sex and cars are also being questioned. Instead, tradespeople in the North West were found to have political discussions around 6 times a week. And books were found to be read at least 8 times a week.

Despite the stereotypes against them though, 94% of tradespeople still stated that they were happy with their job. In fact, 76% of construction workers don’t even get that Sunday night feeling! Take a look at the full report here.

Local Heroes Director Mat Moakes described: “The findings may be surprising to some, but we know from the interaction we have with the 1,900 independent tradespeople in our network that this is the true picture.”

“It confirms our view that tradespeople in North West love their jobs, work hard and look after their health.”

So what do you think of this? Have the industry’s stereotypes been ditched? Let us know in the comments below.


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