It has recently been revealed that tradespeople are the worst for working through pain if they are injured on site.

According to recent poll figures, 72% of workers that are injured on site simply have to carry on working in order to make ends meet. Out of the four hundred and fifty people that were polled as well, the Daily Star reported that half of them had even been injured in the past week!

When looking at the trades more in depth, it was carpenters who were found to be the worst for this. According to the poll, they got hurt the most on site with a result of 85%. In second place, was plumbers in which 75% got hurt on site and 69% of electricians were also injured.

It wasn’t just physical injuries that were sustained either. According to the results, half of workers have also had to take time off due anxiety, stress, and depression. Alongside this, alternate research has also found that men working in construction are at the highest risk of committing suicide due to issues such as these. Take a look at the report here.

One builder admitted: “things can be a struggle, but I’m self-employed so if I don’t carry on, I lose my house.

This is also supported by further studies which found that 90% of tradespeople attend work whilst ill or injured. 47% of which, continued to work due to being self-employed. Take a look at the full report here.

So what do you think of this? Do you face this same struggle? Let us know in the comments below.


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