According to new research, tradespeople are some of the happiest workers in the country!

A survey of over 1,000 workers in the UK found that more than half of tradespeople rated that out of ten, their workplace happiness was an eight or above. Commissioned by One4all Rewards, surveyed employees were from a variety of different genders, industries and age groups. Within the survey, they were then asked to rate their workplace happiness out of ten.

The results showed that the construction industry was one of the happiest, with more than half of workers revealing that the reason behind this was their pay.

Money wasn’t the only contributing factor though. Alongside this, 35% also contributed their happiness to the type of work they did. A further 30% also revealed that their relationships with work mates was also a big factor too.

In fourth and fifth place, workload and relationships with managers were also found to be positive factors that contributed to happiness.

The top 10 were:
1. Salary or wages (59%)
2. The nature of the work (35%)
3. Relationships with colleagues (30%)
4. The workload (24%)
5. Relationships with management (22%)
6. Financial based bonuses (20%)
7. The physical working environment (15%)
8. Training opportunities (15%)
9. Annual leave allocation (13%)
10. Work social events (13%)

This isn’t the only study to show how happy people are in the industry either. In fact, alternate research revealed that 76% of tradespeople didn’t even get that ‘Sunday night dread’. Take a look at the full report here.

The managing director for One4all Rewards described: “It is interesting to see how happiness levels can vary and that those working in the trades sector are amongst the UK’s happiest.”

“Despite expectations that salary is the main driver of workplace happiness, the nature of the work they do also plays a key factor in their morale at work.”

“Clearly, the trades workforce recognises that money is not everything.”

“In order to maintain or significantly improve morale, it is important for employers within the trades sector to take note of what drives individuals in their workforce.”

So what do you think of this? Are you happy working in the trade? What’s the best thing about working in construction for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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