*Please note, some of these offers have now expired and this report should only be used as a basis for possible ways to protect your tools*

Tool theft is becoming a problem for tradespeople up and down the country. It is becoming a struggle for people to keep their tools, and their livelihood’s safe. However, headed by Addam Smith, workers have decided to take a stand and make sure something is done about it.

Addam plans to speak to van and after security manufacturers. You can read all about this here. In the mean time though. Addam has teamed up with fellow Band of Builder’s member Paddy Regan who has been working to try and get tradespeople some effective ways to ensure their tools are marked as their own.

Over the past three weeks, Paddy, in his spare time, has been researching into the best methods on offer to protect your tools. During this, he has been negotiating and liaising with Select DNA, Smart Water, Alpha Dot and Data Tag. Paddy has done all of this off his own back to try and help a fellow tradesman out. He doesn’t work for the companies and gains nothing from this. Instead, he’s been able to gain some exclusive deals for you lot.

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Select DNA, have offered a variety of options and discounts to help tradespeople protect their tools. To begin wth, their vehicle kit includes a pot of micro dots, a catalytic convertor sticker and a window etching kit. Not only that, but it also contains 50 basic stickers, a UV key ring light, 2 vehicle window stickers and lifetime registration. This lifetime registration ensures that whatever you put on the register, stays their for life. You can even upload images of your tools and their serial numbers so it’s easier for police, and yourself, to identify they are your tools. Not only that, but this equipment also glows blue under a UV light.

Alongside this, they also have a tool kit. Within this there is once again a pot of micro dots, 50 laminated exterior graded tool stickers, 2 window stickers and an exterior vehicle sticker. Retail price, these kits are marketed at £59.90. However, exclusively for you lot, they are offering a 10% discount on orders placed. To take advantage of this offer, head over to the website here and enter the code BTG2017.

This isn’t your only option though. Smart Water have also offered an exclusive deal for tradespeople. Their kit contains a pot of forensic fluid, 54 tamper proof stickers and van stickers for windows and bumpers. This all glows green under a UV light too. The retail price for this kit is £99 a year. For you lot though, the cost of £60 can gain you a FIVE YEAR registration. Massive savings you can get here by entering the code 3QUIP60.

Alpha Dot have also offered you lot a reduced deal too. For only £10, you can get a pack that contains a bottle of dots in a glue like form. These dots are 1mm in size and can be used on up to fifty tools! They are in a mascara like bottle that can be wiped onto your tools. Then, the tools will be branded with a unique reference to you once you’ve registered. Alongside this, there is also a strip of stickers and this £10 also provides you with lifetime registration. This usually retails at £24.99. By calling 02077941155 and stating the discount code BTG2017, you can get it for just £10!

And finally, Data Tag are currently developing a marking system for tools. This is estimated to be ready in around three weeks. This is system is aimed to cover one piece of kit per pack. Within this, the pack contains an RFID tag, a transferable lifetime registration and a pot of 500 data dots. This, of course, is not cost effective for smaller tools. However, it is more suited to the bigger machinery and workshop equipment you’d like to protect. To get this deal, you can email dave.luscombe@datatag.co.uk to be put on the waiting list for when it is released.

All of these companies are monitoring their sales. This is because if they get a lot of orders from tradespeople, they will contact the police force. In doing this, they will urge them to check any stolen tools they come across for these UV methods.

But what do you think of these? Do you think they’re a good way of protecting your tools? Let us know in the comments below.

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