When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. But, unfortunately for tradespeople, recent research has found that this is not the case. Instead, tradespeople are regularly denied access to a toilet whilst working on residential properties!

Conducted by www.MyJobQuote.co.uk, the research looked at thousands of tradespeople across the UK. There, the tradespeople were asked a series of questions about how clients tended to treat them whilst working in their home. One of which, was about the loo situation.

Of the tradespeople studied, 14% stated that clients denied them access to their loo. And, a further 57% admitted that because of this, they’d had to leave the house because they were so desperate.

In fact, one woman went as far to rant about it on social media and thought it was shocking that a tradesman used her friend’s toilet. Take a look for yourself here.

Not only that, but the study also looked at what tradespeople were offered when working in a client’s home as well. 62% responded that they had never been offered drinks by some clients, despite working there for hours. Compared, just 38% responded that they were always offered drinks by clients. And 71% admitted that, in the end, they’d just made there own.

Another thing that customers tended to do as well was watch tradespeople while they worked. 60% confirmed this happened to them. And, a further 82% added that it was “very offputting”. 29% even stated that customers had given them advice on how to do their own job! This was actually ranked as one of the most annoying things customers can do as well. Take a look at the others here.

But what about the tradespeople? What do they get up to when the customer’s not home?

Well, the study looked at this too! It found, that the majority of respondents opted for watching the TV on their lunch break. Following closely behind this, 42% would play with a client’s pet and 39% eat all of the biscuits they’d been offered by clients!

And, of course, 28% had connected to the wifi as well.

A www.MyJobQuote.co.uk spokesperson added: “I suppose it is understandable that homeowners can be a bit uneasy having other people in their homes, and it may slip their mind to offer a drink for example.”

“However, there needs to be a level of respect between homeowners and tradesman, and denying them the use of a toilet is simply out of order.”

But what do you think of this? How do clients tend to treat you when you’re in their home? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: hvpmag.co.uk

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