Apparently, tradespeople are seen as some of the most trustworthy people in the UK. In fact, they’re trusted almost as much as the police!

According to recent research by, tradesmen rank among the most trusted professionals by the public. Specifically, 69% of UK homeowners feel that landscapers/gardeners are the most trustworthy. Just 1% short of the police in which 70% of homeowners found that this profession was the most trustworthy.

Other trades also ranked highly on the list. 66% of homeowners found electricians to be trustworthy, putting them in third place. Fourth on the list was then the painters/decorators (63%). And fifth stood the plumbers with 59% of homeowners believing that they were trustworthy.

In comparison to other professions, these trades ranked higher than lawyers, mechanics and bankers in terms of how trustworthy homeowners perceived them to be. On the other end of the scale, the least trustworthy professions were found to be politicians (13%). Not far behind that was car sales people at 16%, journalists at 18% and estate agents at 22%.

All in all, the trades faired pretty well in terms of their trustworthiness with builders falling in the middle of the table with a 43% vote of confidence.

But why is that? In terms of press, tradespeople tend to get a bit of a bad rep with stories of cowboy builders fleecing people out of thousands. One cowboy roofer conned an elderly couple out of hundreds of thousands of pounds. Take a look at the full details here.

Not only that but botched building work is another horror story broadcasted about tradespeople. One so called ‘builder’ even conned an elderly widow out of thousands after building her an extension that was a terrible mess and completely unsafe. Take a look at the full report here.

A spokesperson for Plentific shared their views on the results. Stephen Jury stated: “It’s fantastic to see tradesmen listed so highly in the trusted professional’s list.”

“With homes being an important financial asset for most, you should have trust in a professional you hire to improve or repair your home.”

“However, the figures show a significant difference in trust when it comes to fixing up homes, compared to estate agents who are tasked with selling them.”

“Let’s face it, when you hire a tradesman, you want to be able to trust them.”

“You want to feel safe in the knowledge that they’re verified, have the appropriate qualifications, positive reviews and the relevant insurance for the work they will carry out.”

“Focusing on the bottom of the trust list, it will not be a surprise to many that politicians rank lowest following recent political events.”

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