Apparently, tradespeople in the UK are the most health & safety conscious. Yep, despite what you see online, UK tradespeople are reportedly supposed to be the most cautious when it comes to health and safety.

This is according to new research conducted for power tool manufacturers Bosch. Within a poll of over 820 people, researchers looked into the views of different trades across the UK and Europe. Alongside 100 participants from England, eight other countries were involved in the study including Spain, France and Germany.

When asked about health and safety at work it was found that 56% of UK workers stop what they’re doing several times a day or more to make sure that they are complying with health and safety. Compared, just 35% of French workers were stopping this often. It wasn’t just them either. Instead, 39% of Germans were doing the same and 37.5% in Spain.

Not only that, but the survey also looked into what each country focused on in terms of their health and safety. Here in the UK, griding metal was found to need the highest amount of protection. In fact, 46% of respondents flagged this up. Following that in second place was drilling concrete. And, finally, sawing wood.

Contrasting this though, research from last year found that over 1/2 of construction workers didn’t actually know basic health and safety! Instead, there was a “worrying” lack of health and safety knowledge among them. Take a look at the full report on this here.

But, what do you think? Are UK workers the most health and safety conscious? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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