This twenty-six-year-old tradesman did what only most of us dream of. He sold his house and his business, jumped on a plane and left his site life for a travelling adventure!

Despite considering travelling over the past few years, the couple had never seriously considered it. What would they do with the house? And the cats?! That was, until last year, when something happened that spurred Andy on to make this dream a reality. His dad had a heart attack.

A hereditary condition for the men in his family, the possibility of Andy also having a heart attack was high. In fact, the likelihood was that he would probably have one by the age of 55. Just as his father did, and his father before that. Andy described that he was, pretty much working himself into the grave.

So they packed up and set off! Now five months in, the couple has travelled to a whole host of different countries. But, true to his tradesman nature, he couldn’t help but get stuck in and help out. In fact, whilst in Guatemala, the travelling tradesman volunteered at an animal rescue centre who needed help with care for the animals and some building work. And, ever the tradesman, Andy got stuck in jumping back on the tools and built a new puppy pen for the rescued animals stuck inside.

Andy volunteered at an animal shelter and build a new puppy pen for them.

Not only that, but Andy and his partner got stuck into another volunteer project. One called Taz who was a six-month-old Belgian Shepherd. Andy described:

“You learn a lot while travelling.”

“One thing being, waking up in a jungle is different each and every time, sometimes you wake to the buzz of a mosquito, the roar of a howler monkey, a sweat-drenched bed from the inescapable heat or… in this case, a 6-month-old, tick-ridden Belgian Shepherd… Who we later named Taz.”

He also rescued a 6 month old puppy who he found in the jungle, malnourished and covered in tics.

“It didn’t take long for us come to the conclusion that we cannot walk away from this pup without doing whatever we can to save his life.”

“Starting with giving him a hearty breakfast and removing around 60 ticks from his emaciated body we jumped on a bus and headed straight for the nearest town to seek out a vet.”

“So far we have covered all the medical costs for our newly adopted pup, this includes:
– Vet Consultation
– Blood Tests
– Tick Born Disease Tests
– Medication for the diseases he’s picked up from being abandoned in the jungle
– Vaccinations
– Vitamin Boosters
– Worming Treatment
– Flea Treatment”

“As well as this we’ve invested in a travel crate for Taz and the other essentials: food, collar, lead, the odd treat.”

“Once Taz is fighting fit again we’ll be sending him for the snip to prevent more of the same situation!”

They are now working to get Taz fighting fit and he is already looking a million times better!

And, this is where Andy is hoping you lot can come in. He added: “As you know, it’s expensive having a dog, especially a sick one.”

“Combining this with our traveller budget(s) we need your help covering these building costs.”

“Taz is absolutely amazing, even in his current state he is still such a happy boy.”

“We cannot wait to show you how he progresses from his current state to a strong healthy and even happier dog.”

“Your donations will go directly towards medicines, treatments and his inevitable neutering.”

So, if you think you can help this poorly pup get back on his feet then get your donations in here. Or, give their Facebook page a like to keep up with their ‘pup’ dates.

Check out Andy’s latest vlog describing his journey so far and, of course, the adorable Taz.

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