The newest trend we’ve seen here at On The Tools involves a piece of timber, a drill and a very unfortunate tradesman. The first video we were sent was priceless!

Initially, the video captures the worker preparing himself for the challenge. His workmates in the background are heard encouraging him as the worker puffs out his cheeks in preparation for the impact.

Then, he presses down on the drill. Within milliseconds, the piece of timber smacks the worker in the side of the face. Ouch. As he turns around from the shot doubled over, it appears the worker is possibly in pain. However, soon enough, he turns back around joining in with the laughter from his fellow workmates.

Despite not getting hurt though, there is the likelihood that health and safety wouldn’t have liked this all too much. One person commented on the video stating: “when you thought people can’t get any more stupid than they already are… enter this champion.”

Most people found it hilarious though, stating they were going to give it a try.

Another trend we’ve seen is the ladder challenge! This one involves trying to climb up a ladder as far as possible without it falling over. Sounds simple enough but when nothing is supporting it, it’s easier said than done.

This challenge has displayed some pretty good attempts though too. But once again, it’s likely health and safety would have a problem with that one too. One person commented on the video: “what an absolutely idiotic thing to promote. As someone currently dealing with a badly fractured leg due to a ladder accident I can promise you it isn’t any fun at all.”

However, despite being right from a health and safety point of view, he didn’t quite get the response he was looking for. Instead, he was branded “a boring man” and tormented in relation to the challenge. Another commenter wrote: “sore looser [sic]!! Only managed one?”

But what do you think? Can you do any better than this lot? Take a look at the full challenges here:

So what do you think of these challenges? Can you do better? Let us know in the comments below.

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