Apparently, all you need in life to get around for free is a hi-vis jacket! Free concerts, free movies and even free trips to the zoo. All free because you’re simply wearing a hi-vis jacket.

David Allegretti and his friend Sean proved this with their very own social experiment. They wanted to find out how far you truly could get away with things simply by wearing a hi vis jacket. To begin with, they started with something simple. They tested the theory by walking into a cinema without paying. And they got away with it. Not even questioned.

So, they upped things even more and decided to try and get into a zoo for free. Once again, they walked straight in, no questions asked. Not only that but one of them even gave the ticket guy a cheeky “g’day” as they walked straight past him. People in the zoo were completely fooled, they kept asking the guys zoo related questions such as directions to different exhibits.

So, next they decided to go for something much bigger. They decided to try and get in to a Coldplay concert for free. Typically, concerts are full of security and it would be immensely difficult to slip past one of them, every door is manned. Now, this one was a lot more difficult. But guess what happened? They were able to walk straight in, again!

One of the guys taking part in the experiment, David, described: “there’s just something about uniforms.”

“People trust uniforms.”

So, heads up to you lot, start wearing your hi-vis everywhere! You never know, you might just get in to a couple of places for free.

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