If house building continues at its current rate, the average UK house will have to last for two thousand years!

According to figures from the Local Government Association, if there is not an increase in the number of houses being built in the UK, then current houses will have to last for two thousand years in order to ensure that everyone has a home.

Alongside this, the research also uncovered that house building over recent decades has been at a “sluggish rate”. Following this, it has led to the country spending more money (twenty-seven billion pounds in 2016) on property repair and management. This is increasingly close to the amount spent on new housing stock in 2016 (£35 billion).

In order to keep up with the housing demand though, 250,000 homes need to be built each year. However, worryingly, government statistics found that in 2016, only 139,030 of the 144,280 homes started were actually built.

There have also been increasing disputes over the quality of new homes too. According to statistics, one in ten homeowners are unhappy with the quality of their homes. Consequently, one in six reported that they would not recommend their builder to a friend. Read more about the quality over quantity debate here.

According to government leaders, in response to this shortage of housing, a “national renaissance” has been called in council house building. The Construction Enquirer described: “this would include giving local councils the ability to borrow more money to build homes and keep 100 per cent of receipts from the sale of these properties to invest in future housing stock.”

A spokesperson for the Local Government Association added: “our country’s failure to build enough homes over the past few decades is putting huge pressure on our existing housing stock.”

“Councils need to be able to ensure quality through the planning system, and to encourage high standards in rented and owned properties across the board.”

“To spark a desperately needed renaissance in council house building, councils also need to able to borrow to build new homes and keep all receipts from any homes they sell to reinvest in building new homes that are of a good quality and affordable.”

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Source: www.constructionnews.co.uk

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