Our closest relatives are the apes. And recently, a video has emerged that indicates that we’ve underestimated our own talents. An Orangutan has been captured with a saw. Instead of being cautious around it though, she surprisingly picks it up and straight away begins to saw at a nearby branch. Despite being completely wild, she knows exactly what to do with it!

The Orangutan’s opposable thumbs allow her to grasp it easily and saw with precision. She even seems to take pride in her work, clearing away the sawdust to keep things clear. Using her feet, she holds the branch in place so she can saw precisely.

She could be soon giving you lot a run for your money!

But that’s not all. Scientists have previously believed that humans were the only ones who could build weapons to hunt for food. Well, that’s not the case, these apes were also captured creating weapons to hunt for their food and using tree bark to clean themselves.

Take a look at the video of her sawing here:

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Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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