Are you bricking it this Valentine’s day?

It’s never easy, knowing what your other half wants when all they claim is “oh no, you don’t need to get me anything”. Well, I won’t be making that mistake again! But, in some cases, no present is actually better than a terrible one. In fact, anti-moaning spray, a pencil sharpener and a trip to that special adult-only clinic are up there with some of the worst Valentine’s Day presents ever!

But can you do better, or well, worse?

Well, why don’t you share with us the best of the worst gifts you’ve ever given or received. Then, in the coming days, our mates from Juice by Jewson will bring you a rundown of the trade’s finest. All you need to do is fill out the poll below and you never know, your gift could make it into the top ten!

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So what do you think? Have you ever received some terrible Valentine’s day gifts in your time? Let us know by filling out the poll above!

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