“Vampirism is something that you live, that you breathe. And you’re in 100% every day of your life.”

For highway maintenance worker Josh and his countess, Lea Van Dawn, they are part of a growing community of vampires living in Slough. Wearing their fangs out in public, being a vampire is a part of who they are. But, this isn’t always met with positivity. In fact, they face people who will throw insults or call them freaks.

Not only do they face backlash, but also a lot of stereotypes too. Josh described, “the typical stereotypes of vampirism are, you know we can’t go out in the sun or that we will pounce on people, take them by force.”

“But it’s nothing like that, not what we do.”

“I mean, the one stereotype we do live up to is that we have to be asked before we go into people’s houses, just common courtesy.”

Although Josh doesn’t like to keep to the stereotype of being a vampire, he only works at night, maintaining the UK’s highways and roads. Why? Well, he describes that the nighttime brings him more energy and that he feels more empowered too.

Along with this, Josh and his countess also take part in rituals and sacred worships. They in particular worship spirits, the undead, paranormal activity and so forth.

And, naturally, being a vampire also requires regular feeding. Which for these two, is done in more ways than one. For Josh, how he feeds most commonly is by kissing the body. He is then able to absorb the person’s energy, and that’s enough to get him through the day.

However, they also added: “we could definitely draw blood if we really wanted to.”

“Oh yeah, if we bit hard enough.”

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