Van thefts have now reached epidemic proportions throughout the UK with more and more tradespeople losing out every day. At the moment, tradespeople are being warned to keep their tools out of their vans at night. But for those who have nowhere else to store them, that doesn’t help.

Addam Smith is most commonly known for his work with the Band of Builder’s, fundraising across the country for his friend and colleague Keith who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Addam established the Band of Builder’s with the ethos of helping people. This is an ethos he has now decided to share to help other tradespeople out there.

With the Band of Builder’s, Addam took to the Builder’s Talk Group to gain support. And with this venture, he has done the same. He has decided to tackle this issue from several different positions. He’s not just looking at van security and what tradespeople can do to increase the safety of their vans. He is also looking to take it a step further and speak to the manufacturers who make them.

Over the past few weeks, Addam has discovered that van thefts have affected a lot of people within the Facebook community. This was after creating a post on the Builder’s Talk Group that ran for 72 hours. He asked people to comment whether they had been a victim of their van being broken into. Within this, he also asked them to detail the damage caused, the make/model of their van and the costing of replacing the tools and fixing their van.

The results were shocking.

Of the 130 people that took part, Addam found that all together, it would cost £507,450 to replace everyone’s tools, fix their vans and repay their lost wages. He also found that the most common make of van being broken into was the the Ford Transit MK’s.

Consequently,  Addam has arranged a meeting with Ford. He hopes to speak to the CEO or one of his understudies. Within this meeting he aims to ensure that the point is made that these van thefts are a problem. The loss of tools can ruin a tradesmen.

But that’s not all, Addam also wants to help ensure that tradespeople have the best security for their vans. Therefore, he also plans to investigate the best after market security that is on offer for tradespeople. He also wishes to speak to some of the manufacturers too, and identify what tradespeople need to be fitting to ensure their vans are safe.

Addam has also spoken to his local Lincolnshire police as well and they are keen to work with him to help the tradespeople out there. Potentially, he would like them to set up a bait van. Until that point though, every day there will be information posted on the Builder’s Talk Group about the issue.

To keep up to date with what’s happening head over to the Builder’s Talk Group now. And hopefully, the positivity that came from the Band of Builder’s can be replicated here, and help tradesmen across the country.

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