After a month long search, Britain’s construction workers have decided on the best bacon sandwich in Britain.

Across the nation, tradespeople were asked to nominate a place that sells the best bacon sandwiches. This could be any type of establishment including cafe’s, vans on the site of the road, hotels and also restaurants. The competition was launched after it was established that a classic bacon sandwich is the breakfast choice of British tradespeople.

Hundreds of nominations were put forward and the top ten list was compiled. It was revealed that the best bacon sandwich came from a cafe in Warwickshire. Straw Kitchen in Wichford won the award and has also been crowned as the place to get Britain’s Best Bacon Butty.

The managing director of Ironmongery Direct who conducted the survey stated: “bacon sandwiches are a classic breakfast choice for those on the go, which explains why they have been named as the snack of choice by the UK’s tradespeople.”

“We know that a tradesperson’s job can be physically demanding, so it’s important to kick-start the day with a hearty breakfast.”

“That’s why we launched our competition to find those breakfast heroes who provide the perfect sandwich to keep our nation of workers powering on throughout the day.”

“Now tradespeople across the country can visit our dedicated Butty map so they can get their hands on a good breakfast wherever their work takes them.”

So what do you think of this? Where’s your favourite place for a bacon butty? Let us know in the comments below.


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