Unique and one of a kind, the On The Tools awards are a place for tradesmen to be recognised, and awarded by those that matter, the boots on the ground. And, with the On The Tools awards now fast approaching, it is time for you lot to cast your votes!

This time, we need your votes on who should win the ‘Joiner of the Year’ award! Sponsored by world-leading manufacturer Norbord, this is a tough category to be in. But someone’s got to win it though! And you guys get to decide who…

First, on the shortlist, we have Ollie Allen.

Over the past six years, Ollie has built up his company and has dedicated his time to his work. Through his work, Ollie focuses on design which he feels, at times, can be overlooked in construction work.

He stated: “I deserve to win On The Tools Joiner of the Year Award as woodwork has always been a huge passion of mine and it’s why I started out in business.”

“Winning this award would help me shout about our services and what we are doing differently.”

“I would be proud to get recognition for me and my team.”

Alongside this, Ollie also acknowledges the importance of inspiring the younger generations. Therefore, he set up a program for apprentices that allows them to develop their skills in woodworking. Not only that, but Ollie also aims to boost their confidence via this program too and show them just how exciting woodworking really is.

But Ollie isn’t our only contender for the ‘Joiner of the Year’ award.

We also have joiner Martin Daly up for the award.

Starting his career as a laborer, Martin hasn’t always been a joiner. He even had dreams of becoming a professional football player in America. However, this wasn’t meant to be and due to a bad injury, he wasn’t able to walk for a year. Therefore, Martin had to consider what he could do next.

He described: “within this time of laying around doing nothing I decided it was best to commit to the construction industry and started watching YouTube tutorials on how to do decking and other simple joinery work.”

So, as soon as he was fit to work again, Martin began his career in joinery, working beside a family relative. He didn’t stop there either. Wanting to learn more trades, Martin worked from 7am to 5pm and then went to night school to learn trades such as bricklaying, tiling, and plumbing.

By the age of 19, Martin was confident in himself and his ability and advertised himself as self-employed. Now, three years later, Martin has his own company with several employees.

His company has also won and been nominated for several awards within the industry which Martin claims is due to the countless hours they all put in to achieve success. He added: “we’ve never had a bad review.”

Taking work in schools to try and encourage the younger generation to get involved in construction, Martin knows the importance of introducing young people to the industry and providing them with work experience.

He concluded: “I believe I should win best joiner as I have such a large passion for my work and for the construction industry.”

So what do you think? Who should win ‘Joiner of the Year’? Cast your vote here.

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