With the On The Tools awards just around the corner, it’s time for the boots on the ground to vote for who they want to be their ‘Plumber of the Year’. So, we need your help!

Sponsored by Plumbers-m8.com, ‘Plumber of the Year’ is a tough category to be in this year and we have two amazing shortlisted finalists for you lot to chose from. So, sit back and take a look at their stories…

First up, we have the fantastic Lewis Shaw.

After receiving the ‘Plumber of the Year’ award last year, Lewis has made some fantastic achievements to honour his title. Working with the government, Lewis has been replacing boilers for people up and down the country who are less fortunate. This could be anything from a low-income family to an individual who is disabled and needs support from the state. Not only that, but he has also collaborated with local companies in his hometown of Doncaster as well. In doing so, he strives to make it a better place to live.

Always making sure his jobs are completed to a high standard as well, Lewis is all about being fair and making sure the customer is happy.

He added: “Being nominated for plumber of the year for the second year running is a massive achievement.”

“One of which I am very proud of.”

“It demonstrates that with hard work, determination and self-belief you can get where you want to be no matter how small a company.”

“In my day-to-day role, I complete plumbing works up and down the country for people who need it the most.”

“Whilst also being able to support the younger generation who are aspiring plumbers in demonstrating a fair, reliable and transparent work manner.”

“To win this award for the second year round would be great for my companies image.”

“It has already helped gain new customers and their trust in me and my workmanship.”

Also in the running for the award is the brilliant James Wand.

A fantastic plumber, James always has the customer’s interest at heart. Honest and hardworking, James set his business up by himself. And, it’s safe to say, it’s a roaring success. One of the reasons behind this though is the dedication James shows to his work. Grafting and working long hours, he puts in the man hours to keep on top of his work.

His professionality and quality of work can also be seen by the number of returning customers he has too. In fact, the main reason he is recommended by others is due to his dedication and willingness to do a good (and neat) job.

When he was told he was shortlisted for the award, James said, “I still think it’s quite surreal being shortlisted for an award.”

“And, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at the awards evening.”

“I’ve been plumbing now for 16 years and took the step to set up my own business just over 4 years ago.”

“I carry out installations of bathrooms, central heating systems, boilers etc as well as general plumbing problems.”

“I feel very lucky to be in the position I am and take great pride in doing a good job for my customers and being part of these awards just tops it off.”

“Good luck to everyone involved, it should be a great experience.”

So what do you think? Who should win the award? Cast your votes here.

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