The On The Tools awards is a night full of celebration and reward for those working in the industry. From the trades to the brands, you lot get to decide who is the very best in the industry.

However, alongside this, we also like to recognise the tradesmen in the industry that go that extra mile in what they do. Going above and beyond, these are the people who deserve some special recognition. Therefore, at the On The Tools awards, we also have the ‘Special Recognition Award’ too.

Last year, Addam Smith from the Band of Builders was rewarded at the 2016 awards for his amazing work. And, this year, we have two more hardworking tradesmen shortlisted for the ‘Special Recognition Award’.

First up, we have Jonathan Hallam.

Offering support to many via social media, Jonathon recognises the importance of offering others both technical, and emotional support. Using his experience in the trade, Jonathon aims to help tradesmen across the UK via his social media.

He described: “On many occasions I have offered support to fellow engineers during weekends to assist with business support, quoting and even emergency work.”

“I truly believe in affecting others by all means and methods possible.”

“Leading by example, offering guidance and setting professional standards with others.”

Having established training centres across the UK too, Johnathon’s overall aim is to help those in the trade both professionally and personally. Alongside this, he has also produced over thirty educational videos online for workers too!

He doesn’t stop there either. Jonathon also completes additional charity work to help the homeless too with the aim of promoting homeless awareness.

Our other shortlisted nominee is Kevin Cox.

A member of the Band of Builder’s from the very start, over the years Kevin has been doing work for free and utilising his skills to benefit those in need of help. He described: “I am a great believer of those that can help, should help.”

Recently working, on the Rockland’s School project for disabled children, Kevin was one of the first tradesmen to volunteer to help out at the school. One of the first on site in the morning, and last to leave at night, Kevin worked non-stop every day to help create the sensory garden for the children at the school.

Testimonies described that at times, Kevin would even work up to fourteen hours a day in order to ensure that this project got finished!

Alongside this, Kevin also gave up additional time to help work on another project: The Lee Rigby House. Here, Kevin helped create a peaceful retreat for the families affected by the loss of a family member whilst they are in the armed forces.

Testimonies described: “Kev’s a brilliant example of what the project [Rockland’s] was about – selfless, skilled, hard-working teamwork – and that’s why he deserves special recognition.”

Kevin added: “I feel humbled to have just been nominated for any kind of recognition.”

“I’m fortunate to have a skill set that enables me to turn my hand to most things and in consequence, I’m able to help in a multitude of situations.”

“If I could afford not to work, and still support my family, I’d devote the rest of my days to helping others for free.”

“I get an enormous sense of satisfaction from knowing that in a small way, I’m helping to make a positive difference to peoples lives.”

So who do you think deserves to win? Have your say now and cast your vote here.

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