Sponsored by housebuilder Castle Homes, the ‘Plasterer of the Year’ award is a tough category to be in this year. And, as the On The Tools Awards are unique and one of a kind, it’s time for you lot, the boots on the ground, to cast your votes and select the winner!

So, who’s up for the award?

First up we have Aaron Pearson.

As a child, Aaron loved straight lines and making things right. Unlike most children, he didn’t dream of being a rock star or an astronaut. Instead, he decided to become a plasterer!

For the past fifteen years, Aaron has been taught, and perfected, the skills needed to succeed in his trade. He described: “I have had many great men teach me my skills and that is why I choose to give back.”

In conjunction with Highbury College, Aaron has also helped develop a pathway for young people interested in taking part in plastering apprenticeships.

He described: “I am so humbled to be nominated for On The Tools ‘Plasterer of the Year’ 2017.”

Alongside this, Aaron has also completed a great deal of charity work. Specifically, he was able to convert an empty space into an inclusion venue for children with autism. He has also just been able to complete a second sensory space for the children too.

Aaron described “Autism is a cause very close to my heart because my son has autism himself.”

“If I won ‘Plasterer of the Year’ it would reinforce a message that I try to convey to my son: ‘anything is possible’.”

So what do you think? Should Aaron win the ‘Plasterer of the Year’ award? Well, don’t cast your vote yet as we still have another shortlisted plasterer up for the award…

Stephanie Leese!

Ten years ago, Stephanie did the incredibly brave thing to leave her office job and follow her dream: becoming a plasterer! She hated being stuck behind a desk and felt that a trade would be far more fitting.

So, using the trade skills that she’d picked up from an ex-boyfriend, and dedicating time to an apprenticeship to help perfect and develop these skills, Stephanie set up her own plastering business.

She described: “this was obviously a big thing as females just didn’t do that kind of thing!”

But now, ten years later, Stephanie’s plastering business is still going strong.

Alongside this, Stephanie also regularly visits local schools to give construction career talks to those considering joining the industry. Her company even takes on kids from various schools for work experience each year.

Stephanie doesn’t stop there either. Alongside this, she also writes a weekly blog for the National Association of Plasterers and Lecturers. And, with all this on her plate, she even finds time every day to do some plastering work for her customers.

Things aren’t always easy for Stephanie though. She described: “I have a permanent disability with scoliosis so I am in constant chronic pain.

“But I love my job so much that I can’t seem to take a back seat!”

“I’ve just completed my NVQ3 and am studying for my Assessors award.”

“I hope I can move into assessment roles and help further the careers of others studying this great trade.”

So what do you think? Who should win the ‘Plasterers of the Year’ award? Cast your vote here.

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