With the On The Tools awards just around the corner, it’s time for the boots on the ground to vote for who they want to be their ‘Plumber of the Year’. Unique and one of a kind, the On The Tools awards are a place for tradesmen to get the recognition they deserve.

Sponsored by Redring, ‘Plumber of the Year’ is a tough category to be in and we have two amazing shortlisted finalists for you lot to chose from.

First of all, we have Andy Hindes.

After years dedicating his life to construction, Andy has learnt several different trades including plumbing, plastering, and joinery too. From the set of skills he developed, Andy was able to start his own company. Installing bathrooms with little need to hire other trades, Andy also keeps up to date with the latest trends and products.

He describes that this is key in his work in order to ensure that his company is “evolving with the times.”

Andy explained why he would love to win an On The Tools award. He stated: “I would love to be recognised as plumber of the year and this award would help cement my already growing reputation.”

However, he isn’t the only one up for the award and has some tough competition in plumber Lewis Shaw.

Over the past six years, Lewis has dedicated his time and effort to training and gaining the best possible experience that he can in plumbing. From this, he was also able to set up his own business. Lewis describes that this was “the biggest risk I’ve had to take.”

He added: “It’s difficult and I’ve got a long way to go but I wouldn’t change anything.”

Lewis stated that the best part of plumbing is to see a happy customer at the end of the day. He added: “that’s what providing a service like plumbing is all about.”

So what do you think? Who should win this award? Cast your vote here.

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