The weather has a major impact on every stage of a construction project.

From the design to the scheduling of work, to the hiring of equipment, to the completion of the actual work itself. Every stage needs to be considered in relation to the weather. Therefore, the Met Office has decided to launch a unique new service specifically for construction workers.

These will be weather reports, specifically designed to accurately reflect onsite conditions. This will, therefore, allow contractors to get reports that are specific to their site location rather than the nearest weather station. The reports will include information on sixteen different weather elements. This will include daily rainfall, minimum air temperature, days with frost, maximum gusts of wind, mean wind speed, humidity and snow depth. This will apparently allow contractors to identify any potential downtime, negotiate realistic contracts and develop contingency plans.

Eleven of these weather elements will have long-term averages alongside 1 in 10-year values produced. Therefore, the reports will be able to be used across a wide range of construction contracts. Apparently, the reports will also be able to contribute more accurately to identifying compensation events.

The location based reports will also be available in two different forms. There will be location based monthly planning averages and/or location based monthly downtime summaries. These reports will also use information from over 3,600 locations. This is a lot compared to previous reports that have only used information from around 100. This will consequently allow contractors to prepare and understand of any weather-related risks.

One major risk that construction workers could face is skin damage from the sun. According to research, a whopping 55% of skin cancer patients are construction workers! Take a look at the full report here.

To combat this, these bespoke weather reports will allow construction workers to establish how damaging the weather could and in turn, take the necessary precautions. The ‘Cover Up, Mate’ campaign is also encouraging workers to cover up and protect themselves from the sun. Take a look at one construction worker’s story of skin cancer and why he is urging workers to protect themselves here.

According to a Met Office business manager, “these reports are the first of their kind in the industry and will make a real difference.”

This is thanks to their “extremely accurate reflection of on-site weather conditions specific to individual sites.”

So what do you think? Would these reports be useful on site? Let us know in the comments below.


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